Streets Initiative

  1. The Everett Police Department is working with the local community on the issues related to trespass, aggressive panhandling, unlawful camping and other matters of public safety concern. Activities that do not meet the legal threshold of a crime may nonetheless become nuisances or negatively affect quality of life for our citizens. Property owners, managers and citizens have the right to keep their property clean and feel safe within the community.

    At the direction of Mayor Stephanson, the City convened a task force of community members, business owners and service providers in July 2014 to focus on street-level social issues in Everett's urban cores and develop recommendations that could be implemented by the community. Many of these recommendations were published in the Everett Community Streets Initiative final task force report.

    The Everett Police Department remains invested and committed to the Everett Streets Initiative and will continue to work cooperatively with property owners, managers and citizens to strengthen their sense of security within our community. Below are a series of frequently asked questions that our officers receive from community members on a regular basis. It is my sincere hope that you find the information both informative and helpful.


    Dan Templeman
    Chief of Police

For additional information on the Everett Safe Streets Plan.