Safe Cleanups

Used needles left in public and private places are both a nuisance and potential safety concern. Whether they're used to inject medicines like insulin or for illegal drugs, needles can spread blood-borne pathogens through accidental needle pokes. While the risk of contracting a disease from a needle-stick injury is very low, there are ways to further reduce that risk.

  • If you want to dispose of the needle yourself, you can do so safely using household items or with a free cleanup kit (watch a short video with safety tips). Kits are available through a partnership with the Snohomish Health District and have everything you need to safely pick up and dispose of syringes. Request yours by contacting the Snohomish Health District.
  • If you are not comfortable handling the needle yourself or if it is in an unsafe or difficult-to-reach location, call the 911 dispatch center's non-emergency number at 425-407-3999 and an officer will respond as time and call load allow.
  • Visit Snohomish Overdose for more information on opioids in Snohomish County and to find resources.

Want to plan a larger community cleanup?

Many community members have shown interest in volunteering to help clean up public and private properties throughout Everett. To plan a larger cleanup in your community, find some friends, neighbors or family members and follow these guidelines to get started:

  • Ask the property owner(s) for permission before starting your cleanup. If on public property, contact Everett Public Works or Everett Parks.
  • If you come across a homeless encampment, do not enter the area. Report encampments at 425-257-8000, online or by calling the dispatch center's non-emergency number, 425-407-3999. In the event of an emergency or if you believe a crime has been committed, call 911.
  • Contact your local neighborhood association to learn about and join other groups who are already volunteering.
  • If children are involved in community cleanup efforts, please teach your children to never pick up a needle found on the ground and report it to a trusted adult.