North Wetmore Stormwater Separation

A project to end chronic basement & surface flooding

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This project includes construction of a separated storm drainage collection system that will convey stormwater flows to detention ponds on the Legion Memorial Golf Course site.

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The City recently completed preliminary planning to define sewer and drainage system improvements needed for elimination of basement flooding and surface flooding in the area of Alverson, Grand, Rucker, Hoyt, Colby and Wetmore between 4th and 10th Street and at Everett Community College Rainier Hall. The study determined that a new separate storm drainage network should be constructed in this area – similar to the work done in the nearby Sewer M area to the south, however, no sewer replacement is needed.

Although these improvements are primarily to minimize or eliminate basement and surface flooding, they will also help the environment by reducing combined sewer overflows into the Snohomish River. The project will benefit from the collaboration of several stakeholders: City of Everett (Public Works), City of Everett Parks/Legion Memorial Golf Course and Everett Community College.