Transmission Line Maintenance

Transmission lines 2-4

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As an accessibility option for those with sight impairments, the City’s AlertSense application is available to call a cell or home phone and provide a spoken message.  To access this option, call or email Jenni Long –  425-257-8863 /

  1. Transmission Line Maintenance
  2. Shutdown Resources for Water Systems

The City’s transmission lines are part of a regional water supply system that serves more than 600,000 people throughout Snohomish County. Their primary function is to carry potable water to City of Everett reservoirs and to deliver water to our customers, from our largest wholesaler to single families. Transmission lines need regular maintenance that requires us to shut off water service to a portion of our customers in the affected area.

Getting household water directly from a transmission line involves periodic service interruptions. Everett encourages those connected to our transmission lines to pursue connecting to a nearby water distribution system. Call Everett’s 24-hour Dispatch (425-257-8821) and ask to speak to a water maintenance supervisor to learn more.