Political Sign Guidelines

Below are the City's regulations concerning the placement/display of political signs. These regulations are mandated by the principle that City facilities and property are not to be used for campaign purposes (which includes planting strips alongside City property).

Political Signs are not to:

  • create a sight distance problem, obstruction, or hazard for vehicles or pedestrians
  • be placed on a utility pole, public building, public structure, or public property (other than in public rights-of-way)
  • be placed in the planting strip (as defined by Everett Municipal Code) without the permission of the adjoining property owner
  • be placed within the median
  • remain within 15 days after the election for which the signs are intended
  • be displayed at City Council meetings

Note: Candidates or ballot sponsors will be held accountable if violations of the sign ordinance occur regardless of how or by whom the sign was posted.