Permit Services

Visit the eTRAKiT online permitting portal to search for existing permits, request inspections, and apply for a range of permits & projects.

City of Everett Business License

Contractors working in the city limits of Everett need a current City of Everett business license. For more information, contact the City Clerk's office or call 425-257-8610.
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Permit Search

Visit our eTRAKiT online permitting portal to search for the following:
  • Permit search: Search by permit number, site address, or parcel number to find a construction permit and supporting documentation.
  • Project search: Search by project number, site address, or parcel number to find a land use project, supporting information, and related development applications.
  • Parcel search: Search by owner name, site address, or parcel number to obtain additional information about a property from the Snohomish County Assessor's office.
  • Code search: Search by case number, site address or parcel number to find related code violations.

Digital Records Center

The City of Everett eTrakit online permit history goes back to 1992. For permit history prior to 1992, check out our Digital Records Center. Just click on Address Search under Real Property Information to access these records.

Approved plan sets for commercial and multi-family buildings are only viewable on microfilm at the Permit Services office, 3200 Cedar St., Everett.