Encampment 12.2016 (3)

Report an Encampment

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The City is committed to creating and preserving safe public spaces for our whole community. Under the Safe Streets Plan, we balance outreach and enforcement to address issues of homelessness, addiction, mental illness and criminal behavior. We believe that living outside and/or occupying temporary shelter unfit for human habitation does not provide a high quality of life and can negatively affect Everett residents.   

The following information explains how you can report an encampment in the City and how the City responds to those reports.  
Cautions for approaching encampments: 

The City recommends that you not enter encampments on your own. Some encampments have refuse, needles, and other public health and safety risks.

Please report all emergencies to 911.
If you are reporting a crime related to an encampment that is not an emergency, please use the SNOPAC non-emergency number, 425-407-3999.

If you have previously lived in an encampment that has been cleaned-up and need to access personal property email storage@everettwa.gov or call 425-257-8800.