Permit Requirements

  1. Neighborhood Notification
  2. Insurance
  3. Refundable Damage Deposit

When do I need to notify neighbors or get neighborhood approval for filming?

The City is happy to have you filming in Everett and we want our residents to feel the same way. Most of the complaints we receive, especially the ones that go to the Mayor's Office and City Council, transpire because residents feel they have not been given adequate notice, or the notice did not accurately reflect what happened.

Advance neighbor notification is always required, whether you are filming a walk and talk on the sidewalk or you are closing a street for a car stunt. The impact level of your filming activity will dictate your level of communication:

Please follow the procedures outlined below when notifying residents and businesses in the area of filming activity:

  • Zero Impact Filming (Walk and Talk / Interviews): If you are not interrupting any access or activity, letting businesses or residents know what you are doing when you arrive is acceptable.
  • Medium Impact Filming (Reserving Street Parking / Pedestrian Control): Written notification must be hand-delivered to impacted residences and businesses 72 hours in advance of filming. The film company must work to address the concerns of businesses/ neighbors and notify the Everett Film Office staff of the concerns and how they are being addressed. You can use the notification form below as a template or create a similar form on your own. Contact the Film Office for a determination of your notification area.
  • High Impact Filming (Street Closures / Off-hours Work / Stunts / Resident or Business Interruption): Neighbor sign-offs are required from affected neighbors 72 hours in advance. Please contact the Film Office of Film in advance to discuss how this work must be done.

Failure to properly notify residents or to make reasonable accommodations to mitigate your impact on a neighborhood or business district may result in cancellation of your permit.