Film Permit Application

To encourage filming in Everett, the City does not charge a permit fee.

A minimum of 3 business days for low impact filming or 5 business days for higher impact work is required to process your film permit. Sensitive locations or unusual requests will require longer turnaround times.

To apply for an Everett Film Permit, please complete and submit the two application forms listed below.

Step One:  Master Film Permit Application - Submit one Master Film Permit Application for your project. All location requests (below) will be included within this permission. Be sure to assign a contact with the production as the Authorized Agent on the application. The Authorized Agent is the person responsible for the crew's adherence to the conditions of the permit.

Step Two: Location Form - A separate Location Form is required for each public location you'll be filming, and for any production vehicle street parking reservations. If you would like to apply for a "roving" b-roll permit, please check the b-roll/scenic filming box on the first page of the Location Form and indicate the date range.

Step Three: Location Map: A map showing the filming activity and street parking reservations is required for each Location Form submitted. Maps can be submitted in PDF or in JPG format. Maps are not required for b-roll/scenic applications. At the end of the Location Form (Step 2) you can upload your map electronically.