Gross Receipts Business & Occupation Tax

The City of Everett Business and Occupation Tax (B&O) is based on the gross receipts of your business.

Everett Business Tax Guide: this guide includes information about how to file and pay your taxes, regulatory licenses and other helpful hints. 

Tax Form Information
Tax returns will be mailed automatically. Please complete and return the tax form by the due date, even if no taxes are owed. If you do not return the tax form by the due date, penalties and interest will be assessed. 

To file your taxes online, please visit    File local

To request a tax form, please click here

Tax Rate

The present tax rate is 0.1% (0.001). This is multiplied by your gross receipts to compute your taxes due. 

Additional Forms:

Read the Code  

Click here to read the Everett Municipal Code (EMC) for legal details about the Everett B&O tax (Section 3.24).