Everett Safe Streets Plan

Like many communities throughout the country, some of our Everett residents face complex challenges related to poverty, affordable and available housing behavior health or substance abuse and unemployment. These challenges, among others, make it difficult to achieve a high quality life, and often times have unintended consequences that negatively affect our neighbors, businesses, public spaces, and our perceptions of safety. 

Everett’s 2015 Community Streets Initiative Task Force ignited the conversation for who and how to address the complex social street level social issues that had been progressively growing in our city.  Strategies focused on aching public safety through care, collaboration and accountability. 

Safe Streets programs were developed to begin addressing these complex issues by engaging our community, aligning efforts with industry partners, advocating for resources and systems change, and providing education on root causes and reducing stigma. 

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Today, the Safe Streets Programs are embedded and operating throughout multiple City departments.  The City is engaged in long-term collaboration with Snohomish County, human service and housing providers, treatment providers, and employment specialists to ensure our residents have access to the health and human service resources that are robust and available in our City.