Service Center Redevelopment 

Everett Service Center Building 1

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The Service Center complex is comprised of the Public Works, Motor Vehicles, Transit Operations, and elements of the Parks & Facilities departments. Redevelopment of the Service Center is necessary as all of the buildings on the site are at or near the end of their useful life.  

Development of a dual-location Service Center replacement

The City’s consultant, Makers Architecture, identified and developed a long-term location for Public Works, an effort called the Everett Public Works Site Selection Study. The work concluded in December 2021, with the City Council’s acceptance of the site area relocation study and authorization for predesign activities. 

  1. Relocation of office staff
  2. Relocation of operations staff

Non-operational Public Works office staff, (approximately one third of Public Works staff), will relocate to the Everett Municipal Building (EMB) once tenant improvements are complete. Tenant improvements are anticipated to be complete in 2024-25.

EMB tenant improvements

Estimated cost: Early estimates for the tenant improvements project ranged from $25-$30M. The estimate will be updated when the City enters into contract with a General Contractor/Construction Manager. Improvements to the EMB will be paid by Utilities.

Schedule: Estimated completion in 2024-25