Service Center Redevelopment 

Everett Service Center Building 1

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  1. Site selection study
  2. Seismic upgrades

Concurrent with the potential near-term seismic upgrade project, the City contracted with a consultant (Makers) to prepare a site selection study for a long-term solution. The work began in January 2019 and is anticipated to conclude in 2021. 

In the July 2020 draft report, many sites and locations were considered, but three sites were identified as feasible for further alternatives analysis. These three sites are identified as Cedar Service Center 2.0, Cedar-Smith and Everett Point Industrial Center (EPIC). Briefings on site selection were presented at City Council in May 8, 2019, and April 1, 2020

Makers recommended the EPIC site, formerly known as the Riverpoint property, as the preferred site area for the future relocation of the maintenance and operating services of the Public Works Department. The recommended back-up site area is known as “Cedar-Smith,” generally south and west of the current Public Works Cedar Street complex. The majority of non-maintenance and operating staff will be relocated to the Everett Municipal Building. City Council final review and potential acceptance of the Site Selection Study is scheduled for the end of 2021.   

A non-project SEPA checklist has been prepared for the site selection study and looks at the potential environmental impacts of the three alternatives. Once a final site has been determined, a detailed project-level SEPA process will be required.

Learn about the SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) process for the Public Works Operations site selection (SEPA20-029).