Temporary Noise Variance Requests

A temporary variance from the noise ordinance hours may be issued by the city. There is a $100 administrative fee for the application. Applications must be made at least 30 days prior to the start date and are of limited duration.  The form can be competed in our Form Center. A variance cannot be issued for private events such as concerts or parties.

In addition to meeting other requirements set forth in the City's Noise Ordinance, temporary noise variances can only be issued when all 4 of these conditions exist:

1.  The noise cannot be avoided
For some projects, the City of Everett requires nighttime work on roadways for traffic safety. Environmental requirements for habitat protection may require working around the tide schedule at night. Cost or convenience is not considered unavoidable reasons for night work.

2.  It will exist for a specific period of time
A noise variance is issued for 30 days or less. There is an extension available, but there may be additional requirements for public notification and comment

3.  It will not endanger public health, safety or welfare
Residential occupancies within 500 feet of the noise source are considered affected by nighttime noise. Those residents affected by the variance must be notified by mail or in-person by the applicant. A contact person must be available during night-time noise hours.

4.  Have been mitigated to the greatest extent reasonably possible
The noise variance will be issued with mitigation steps required by the applicant. This may include:

a.  Scheduling very loud work, such as saw-cutting or vacuum excavation during normal construction hours
b.  Specific truck routing or idling rules
c.  Requiring broadband or noise-attenuating backup alarms
d.  Anti-slam tailgates

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