Noise Administration

Everett’s noise ordinance contains rules to minimize exposure to excessive noise inside the Everett city limits. Regulated noise sources include construction, live and recorded performances and car repair and operation. For all other noise sources, decibel limits are set by the zoning of the receiving and generating properties.

Noise from temporary construction sites is not allowed 10PM – 7AM weekdays, 6:00PM – 8:00AM weekends unless a variance has been issued. During the hours that temporary construction noise is allowed there is not a decibel limit. Construction projects wishing a variance from the noise ordinance must submit an application at least 30 days prior to commencing work.

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Public disturbance noises are frequent, repetitive and/or continuous human-created sounds that interfere with the reasonable use of a residential property. Examples include amplified music, intentional revving of engines, loud speakers for commercial advertising and unamplified sounds from 10:00PM – 7:00AM. Public disturbance noises should be reported any time to the Everett Police Department non-emergency number 425-407-3999.

Other complaints are investigated by the City of Everett noise administrator. Common issues are HVAC systems, commercial and industrial operations, construction outside of allowed hours and landscaping equipment. Some sources are exempt from the Everett noise ordinance, such as railroads and sanctioned events. When there is a violation of the noise ordinance that cannot be resolved quickly, the case will be forwarded to Code Enforcement for resolution.