Staff and Council Liaisons

Staff Liaisons

In general, the role of staff includes: providing recommendations to the group for courses of action based on professional expertise; providing relevant facts and information to the group essential for informed decision making; implementing direction from the group where appropriate; and acting as liaison between the group and the rest of the City staff.
Staff Member City Department Board or Commission
Becky Ableman-McCrary Community Development CHIP Loan Review Committee
Citizens Advisory Board
Michael Duerr Human Resources Civil Service Commission
Carol Thomas Cultural Arts Cultural Arts Commission
Christina Wiersma
​Bob Bolerjack
Legal Salary Commission
David Stalheim Planning Everett Historical Commission
David Stalheim Planning Planning Commission
Deb Williams
​Julio Cortes
City Council Office Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
Bob Dvorak Senior Center Senior Center Advisory Board
Abigail Cooley Everett Public Library Library Board
Glynis Frederiksen Everett Animal Shelter Animal Shelter Advisory Committee
Bob Leonard Parks Tree Committee
Bob Bolerjack Administration Everett Public Facilities District
Lori Cummings Parks Board of Park Commissioners
Ryan Sass
​Tim Miller
Engineering/Public Services Transportation Advisory Committee
Wendy McClure Office of Neighborhoods Council of Neighborhoods
Julie Frauenholtz
Rod Sniffen
Community Development
Diversity Board
Council Member Board or Commission  
Brenda Stonecipher Lodging Tax Advisory Committee  
Parks Board  
Scott Bader Transportation Advisory Committee  
  Animal Shelter Advisory Committee  
Judy Tuohy Council of Neighborhoods  
  Library Board  
Jeff  Moore Everett Housing Authority  
  Diversity Board  
Scott Murphy Lodging Tax Advisory Committee  
  Planning Commission  
  Everett Public Facilities District  
Liz Vogeli Historical Commission  
  Senior Center   
Paul Roberts Cultural Arts