Parks & Recreation Director

Lori Cummings, director

It’s a pleasure to come to work each day and work with the fine people in our department who are committed to making each recreation program, service and facility satisfying and every park a pleasant place to be. I’m inspired by the dedication of our staff and their strong desire to meet community needs.

In my spare time I enjoy fishing, boating and admiring the view from my favorite restaurants. It’s hard to beat watching the sun set with friends and family while you eat part of the day’s catch.

I’m proud to say I’ve worked for Everett Parks & Recreation nearly continuously since I became head lifeguard in 1981 at the Forest Park Swim Center. I raised my children playing in Forest Park and recently saw my middle son married in the shade outside of Legion Hall. I feel privileged to be here – at work or at ease, and to be leading a team of public servants in Parks, Recreation and Community Services who truly mean to make Everett recreation time the best it can be.

Of course, the team is always open to suggestions. So, please, keep me in the loop!