Design & Construction Standards 

The list of documents below are the current 'Design & Construction' Standards & Specifications published by Everett Public Works.

See the tabs below for 2023 updates to Volumes I and II.

  1. Volume I 2023 Updates
  2. Volume II 2023 Updates
DCSS Section Description of change
Section 2 and 4 errata Fixed formatting and grammatical errors, updated regulatory references, and updated web links.
3-2.1 Roadway types and geometrics – general  Corrected reference to DCSS 4-4.3(5) Permeable pavement.
3-5.2 Parking lots - construction Corrected reference to DCSS 4-4.3(5) Permeable pavement.
3-19 Cement concrete driveways  Updated minimum driveway length specification
4-2.3(1) 4 & 5 Pipe materials Added minimum and maximum cover requirements for storm pipes.
4-4.3(5) Permeable pavement Added requirements for permeable pavement in the public right-of-way. 
4-4.4(3) Detention vaults Revised language for detention vault structural loading requirements.