PAARI (addiction initiative)

Everett Police in May 2016 announced an official partnership with the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI) as part of the department’s ongoing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic and help get drug addicts on the road to recovery.

PAARI is a partnership among national business leaders, healthcare organizations, the public sector, and educators that aims to provide police officers with additional tools in the battle against the disease of drug addiction. Among its many efforts, PAARI collaborates with public safety agencies to encourage opioid drug users to seek recovery, including by helping police officers connect addicts with drug treatment facilities, often on scholarship if private insurance is not available.

Everett officers say it’s important to be able to connect individuals battling substance use issues with treatment as soon as possible after they decide to seek help. They also recognize that overcoming addiction can take a very long time – and several tries. That’s why the experienced treatment providers who are a part of PAARI help meet a critical need for Everett Police.

As part of the PAARI effort, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett and Pioneer Human Services of Skagit County are providing short-term detox treatment for individuals before they are admitted into long-term recovery centers.