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The Everett City Council took action on the eight ordinances under consideration after the public hearing on August 29th. Two ordinances (3671-19 and 3672-19) approved on April 24, 2019 made amendments to these ordinances. 

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Planning Commission Documents
Memo to Planning Commission (PDF) (6/12/18)
Memo to Planning Commission (PDF) (5/30/18)
SEPA FEIS Addendum (PDF) (5/30/18)
Resolution 18-03 (PDF), Metro Everett Subarea Plan
Resolution 18-04 (PDF), Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Resolution 18-05 (PDF), New Zoning Chapters 19 & 20
Resolution 18-06 (PDF), New City-wide Parking Chapter
Resolution 18-07 (PDF), Code Amendments for Metro Consistency
Resolution 18-08 (PDF), Code Amendments for Parking Consistency
Resolution 18-09 (PDF), Title 15 Project Review Amendments
Resolution 18-10(PDF), SEPA Infill Exemption Amendments

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Metro Everett Overview
The City of Everett, in partnership with a wide and diverse group of stakeholders, is starting a planning process that will prepare Everett’s Metropolitan Center for future public and private development and growth. "Metro Everett" is a diverse and large area, over one square mile, and includes

  • the downtown business district,
  • Everett station area,
  • portions of the Broadway corridor,
  • and surrounding commercial and residential areas.

Everett’s population is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate in the next twenty years based on existing city limits. And with previous direction from citizens and from Puget Sound Regional Council, a significant portion of the projected growth is expected to occur in the Metropolitan Center. This planning process will result in a subarea plan for the Metropolitan Center and will address population, housing and employment targets, policies and potential land-use regulations for the area.