Mental Health Alternatives Program (MAP)

The Mental Health Alternatives Program (MAP) is a therapeutic court that uses continuous and intense judicially supervised treatment and services to reduce repeated criminal activity. Successful participation in the program can help break the cycle of arrest, set participants on a path to recovery and stability, and reduce the impact on the community.

Participants commit to a program term of 12 months minimum, which may be extended as a sanction or as otherwise appropriate. The MAP team, which consists of the judge, a city prosecutor, a public defender, judicial assistant, and the program liaison, works with each participant to come up with an individualized plan for medical treatment and/or lifestyle changes to render participants better able to comply with the court mandates and maintain lawful behavior in the community. The MAP liaison works directly with participants by referring them to mental health treatment, chemical dependency treatment, education, and other needed services. Participants earn dismissal of their charges upon successful completion of the program.

Participant referrals for the MAP program are accepted from any of the following sources: Jail, defense attorney, prosecutor, mental health provider, law enforcement, medical provider or family member. To make a referral to MAP program please complete the MAP Referral Form and file it with the court.

MAP calendars are scheduled every other Tuesday at 2PM. The calendars are always open to the public.

Access the MAP Referral Form (PDF)