South Korean Rescue Dogs

The Everett Animal Shelter, in partnership with Humane Society International and supported by the Humane Society of the United States, welcomed dogs rescued from a South Korean meat farm in September of 2015. 
All eight of our dogs have since been adopted! Learn more about their story. or check out their TV debut!

During their stay, our staff and volunteers worked with the dogs to help them learn to walk on a leash, take their first steps toward “house training” and make sure they are ready to transition to a new home.

Thanks to the donations made to the Fund for the Animals we were able to provide all the medical care needed to get these pups into their new homes. If you would like to help other animals like these please consider donating to our medical fund. 

More about the rescue efforts

Humane Society International is working to reduce the dog meat trade in Asia and has been working with farmers who agree to get out of the dog meat trade permanently and transition into trades like crop growing. For more information on HSI’s efforts, visit Humane Society International's website.

The dogs were part of a group of 103 dogs and puppies rescued from a dog meat farm in Chungcheongnamdo, South Korea. Humane Society International (HSI) transported the dogs to the United States, and the Everett Animal Shelter is one of several organizations in Washington and California that received dogs.

For more background on the rescue effort, check out some FAQs from the Humane Society of Southwest Washington.