Diversion & Treatment

Everett alternative response programs offer policing and prosecution models proven to reduce recidivism for low-level offenders, as well as offer support, programming and supervision. By breaking the cycle of re-incarceration, Everett's community is safer and there is less stress on community resources like emergency medical services, court costs, and jail population.

Chronic-Utilizer Alternative Response Team (CHART 2.0 to launch in 2022)

Our community's most vulnerable and marginalized residents utilize services that span multiple systems and often have overlapping legal, health and substance abuse issues that result in repeated, expensive, and avoidable contact with services which are are ill-equipped to address underlying social and health needs. CHART is a team of criminal justice, mental health, emergency response and service agencies who collaborate in an effort to find better solutions for individuals living chronically homeless.

Mental Health Alternatives Program

The Mental Health Alternatives Program (MAP) is a therapeutic court that uses continuous and intense judicially supervised treatment and services to reduce repeated criminal activity. Successful participation can help break the cycle of arrest, set participants on a path to recovery and stability, and reduce the impact on the community. Participants commit to a minimum of 12 months and work with the MAP team to come up with an individualized plan for medical treatment and/or lifestyle changes to better comply with the court mandates and maintain lawful behavior in the community. The MAP liaison refers participants to treatment, education and other services.

Treatment options available in Everett

Overdose Prevention 

There’s no easy answer when it comes to stopping the opioid epidemic. Snohomish Overdose Prevention was created to be a one-stop shop for resources. Whether you’re trying to understand the problem, prevent addiction, or save a life, this is a place to find information for that first next step. 

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. As part of the Safe Streets Plan, the City has expanded access to naloxone to certain City staff. In addition to police and fire, staff from Parks and Community Services, Transit, and the Library are trained to carry naloxone. Learn more about Naloxone and where to find it.