Safe Streets: Enforcement & Outreach

Community Outreach & Enforcement Team

Under the Safe Streets plan, the City is committed to expanding and enhancing their use of effective traditional policing and prosecution models to reduce street crime, while also implementing innovative new criminal justice models.

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Community Outreach and Enforcement Team (COET)

As part of the City’s comprehensive Safe Streets plan, Chief Templeman in fall 2015 created a new Community Outreach and Enforcement Team (COET) that balances social outreach and relationship building with criminal enforcement when necessary. 

What is the benefit of COET?

With the help of social workers embedded with the specialized team, officers are able to look for ways outside of the criminal justice system to offer help and improve the quality of life for individuals on the streets.  Through daily contact, officers try to assist frequent users and the chronically homeless by helping them overcome barriers to treatment and stability.

2017 Statistics

During 2017 COET had 1,836 contacts with new and reoccurring clients. Out of those interactions, 553 were new clients who had never before been connected to COET. 

Detailed 2017 statistics are available now.