Prepare for testing

The Written Test

The Entry-Level Police Officer written test is given by Public Safety Testing. This examination does not measure knowledge of laws or information related to law enforcement agencies or their procedures. Instead, this examination measures basic abilities needed to succeed in the rigorous training program successful candidates have to complete to become police officers. For more information on the written exam and its components, visit the Public Safety Testing Information Center.

To prepare for the exam, you may wish to go to your local library or bookstore and look for books that generally describe how to take tests or how to prepare for tests. There should be a good selection of these books available. These books will provide helpful study and preparation ideas, and most will also include sample tests.

In order to be successful in this examination you should:

  • Come to the test mentally prepared. Arrive early and rested.
  • Listen carefully to all instructions.
  • Read each question carefully, including each of the available answers. There will be only one best/correct answer. Choose the answer that you believe to be most correct and mark your answer sheet carefully.
  • Monitor your use of time. Allow about one minute per question. When you are finished, take the time to review your work and review some of the questions that were difficult for you.
  • You must try to answer all of the questions. Unanswered questions will be marked as being incorrect.

Grades are included in the applicant's final letter. Often applicants would like to know in which areas they did not perform well. Unfortunately, our testing module does not provide this data.

Recruiting Exercise4

The Physical Agility Test

Part of the assessment for potential Everett Police Officers is whether they meet the minimum physical agility standards established by the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission. Passing the physical agility standards is one criteria to start the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

The Washington State Criminal Justice Commission has provided a series of pointers to help candidates excel at the physical agility portion of their assessment. A link to their preparation guide can be found here.