4th of July Parade Volunteers

Every Spring we seek volunteers, whether individually or in groups, to assist with the 4th of July Parade here in Everett. 
ind out how you can help downtown Everett’s largest event and one of the top parades in the North Puget Sound.

If you would like to volunteer, please submit your information on our online form

For more information, contact the Everett Office of Emergency Management by email 
or by phone at (425) 257-8111. 

  1. Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer
  2. Volunteer Positions
  3. Volunteer FAQ's
  4. Basic Volunteer Duties
  1. To give back to your community and country on this great national holiday!
  2. To be part of a team!
  3. Free experience! Gain leadership, disaster preparedness and organizational skills!
  4. To meet new people!
  5. To experience the parade close-up and meet parade entries!
  6. The great T-shirts!
  7. Writing a resume? Employers love to see that an employee volunteers and cares about their community.
  8. Applying for college? Volunteerism can make you stand out from the rest.
  9. To do something different from your job for fun! to expand your horizons!
  10. To get to feel in charge and in control of downtown Everett.