Marianne Pugsley: aquatics

Standing before her class of “minnows” in the bright pool water, Forest Park Swim Center manager Marianne Pugsley truly is in her element. “I’ve been a lifeguard and aquatics instructor for more than 40 years, and I’ve never been uncertain about it. My favorite classes to teach are preschool because I can be silly with them,” Marianne says.

In her long tenure at the Forest Park Swim Center, Marianne estimates she’s taught hundreds of children how to safely stay afloat. Many of them have grown into lifeguards and swim instructors for at least a season or two.

“We have excellent staff here,” says Marianne, who manages the lifeguards as part of her job. Safety and aquatics education are Marianne’s top priorities. The swim lessons, lap swim, fitness classes, and the open swim sessions are all closely supervised by her team of highly trained lifeguards and instructors.

Marianne says she’s proud to be part of a program that promotes water safety and lifelong fitness through aquatics.

Marianne Pugsley