Carolyn Henri: outdoors & trips

Carolyn grew up climbing giant Sitka spruce trees and picking wild blueberries in the rain forests of Juneau, Alaska. Living as she did at the base of a mountain on the shore of the ocean, every day offered up opportunities to explore and adventure outdoors.

After receiving a doctorate degreee in natural resources, Carolyn spent many years helping Washington farmers and land managers figure out how best to help the environment and still make money. Now she works with Everett Parks & Recreation and is a certified naturalist guide and trained in wilderness first aid. 
On the Jetty, naturalist Carolyn helps safeguard visitors and the protected marine wildlife area. She also encourages respectful exploration and offers a wide variety of interpretive programs about local plant and animal life. 
Carolyn leads parks trips to outdoor gems around the Puget Sound. She also directs the Science Day Camps and the Ultimate Adventure Day Camps. 
Carolyn Henri