Jetty Interpretive Classes


Enjoy a guided tour around Jetty Island every day during Jetty Island Days. The Jetty naturalist will discuss topics that could range from exploring the mollusks of the Puget Sound, to watching the birds and raptors who reside on the island, walks could discuss the wildflowers and the history of Jetty Island. The naturalist will craft the tour to the interest of the crowd.
M-Th July 8-Aug 29 11:30am
Fri Sa July 5-Aug 31 1pm
Su July 7-Sep 1 11:30am


Sit in on a nature class every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. During these outdoor classes participants are encouraged to participate as a Jetty Naturalist teaches about subjects such as Sharks and Whales. You may even have an opportunity to touch a real shark's jaw!
W July 10 - Aug 28 1pm
F July 12 - Aug 30 3pm
Su July  7- Sep 1 2pm 

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