A subpoena is a command to appear at a certain time and place to give testimony on a certain case.
  • We mail subpoenas to individuals listed on police reports and who are important to prove a case.
  • If you do not appear, the Court could issue a warrant for your arrest and/or hold you in contempt of court.
  • All subpoenas from the Prosecutor’s Office have instructions printed on the back. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. bring your subpoena with you to court.
  • If you cannot appear at the time listed on the subpoena, please contact our office here. We will review your request, but unless you receive a new subpoena or hear from our office, you are still required to follow the instructions on the subpoena.
  • If you have lost your subpoena, you can contact our office at 425-257-8406 for us to mail you a new one or you will still need to call the witness list at 425-257-8515 or visit the witness list page anytime after 5 p.m. the Friday before the trial date, for a final list of upcoming trials; if the DEFENDANT is listed you need to appear at Everett Municipal Court at 8:10 a.m. on the trial date. If you do not hear the name of the defendant, you do not need to appear.
  • Please keep our office informed of any address changes or if you have suffered any damages as a result of an incident. Please contact our office at 425-257-8406.
  • Court dates are frequently changed for criminal cases. When this occurs, you will receive an updated subpoena with the new court date.
  • If you have any more information regarding a case, please contact the Everett Police Department.