Community outreach & Education

Public Education is an essential part of what the Everett Fire Department does. Even though we provide a highly trained professional fire department that are ready to assist you 24/7, we’d prefer to prevent or prepare you for an emergency before it happens.

Everett Fire Department offers a wide range of public education for fire prevention, injury prevention, and disaster preparedness. Our public education and preparedness programs are available year-round and focused on all hazards, all age groups, and all demographic features of our community.

For more information on a particular topic or to request a community education program, please see the options below.  

Fire Truck Visit

Looking for a Fire Truck and its crew to visit your school, daycare center, career fair, community event, or other event for public education purposes? Please click here for the application. 

Prevention Visit

Does your group, committee, organization, or class wish to have a member of the Fire Marshal’s Office provide a fire prevention talk or presentation? Please click here for the application. 

Parades or Processions

Do you wish to have Everett Fire Department participate in your parade or procession? Please click here for the application. 

Community Training programs

CERT Training

Please visit the City of Everett Office of Emergency Management website regarding the CERT program. 

Fire Station 4 public meeting room

The Everett Fire Department has a public meeting room available at Fire Station #4. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

The Station #4 meeting room has a rated capacity of 49 occupants and is intended for use by non-profit and community groups. Prior to confirming any request to use the room, a signed agreement must be completed and access is provided with a key checked out from our administrative offices. For additional details, please contact Matt Mueller at or 425-257-7955.