Nature & Science

2017 Day Camps:

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Sandblasters on Jetty Island

Discover the plants and animals of Jetty Island as you join Jetty naturalists for a five-day, hands-on learning experience. There’ll be plenty of time for playing in the sand and surf, too! Bring a sack lunch and take home craft projects and a Jetty Island t-shirt.
Jetty Landing & Boat Launch, Jetty Island Kiosk
Ages 6-8
94203 M-F Jul 10-14 9:45am-5pm, $169
94204 M-F Jul 31-Aug 4 9:45am-5pm, $169
94205 M-F Aug 21-25 9:45am-5pm, $169
Ages 7-9
94206 M-F Jul 24-28 9:45am-5pm, $169
94207 M-F Aug 7-11 9:45am-5pm, $169
Ages 8-10
94208 M-F Jul 17-21 9:45am-5pm, $169
94209 M-F Aug 14-18 9:45am-5pm, $169

Splash Down Science, 11-13 yrs

Live the life aquatic with us as we explore the wetlands, rivers and lakes of Snohomish County. You’ll conduct hands-on experiments to explore water properties and the water cycle, and you’ll become a water quality scientist, using methods employed by professionals. Uncover the secret lives of salmon as we hunt for their food on a local river and then find it in their digestive tract during a dissection. Observe with your own eyes why the Seahawk is the master of the wetland ecosystem. Laugh your way through our daily wet and wacky water games, and then swim, learn to kayak and fish, all in that substance we love — WATER! Instructor: Carolyn Henri
Langus Park, Langus Park Conference Room
94170 M-F Jul 10-14 10am-4pm, $199

Summer Science on the Jetty, 10-12 yrs

Explore the natural wonders of Jetty Island in this active, 100% field-based science camp. Join lab partners and a park naturalist guide on safari through island ecosystems. Investigate and explore sand, grass, surf, marshland and trees. See a food web in action and search for signs of heredity and adaptation. Most importantly, make new friends, bask in sunshine and cool island breezes, and experience the joy of discovering the natural world. Instructor: Carolyn Henri
10th St Boat Launch, Jetty Island Kiosk
94171 M-F Jul 24-28 10:15am-5pm, $199 

Play-Well Intro to Stem, 5-7 yrs

Tap into your imagination with LEGO®! Build engineer-designed projects such as boats, snowmobiles, catapults and merry-go-rounds, or use special pieces to make your own design! Explore the endless possibilities of LEGO® building systems with guidance from experienced instructors. Instructor: Play-Well
Forest Park, Preschool Room
94079 M-F Aug 14-18 9am-Noon, $172

Play-Well Stem Challenge, 7-12 yrs

Power up your engineering skills with LEGO®! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture through projects designed by engineers: catapults, pneumatic structures, cranes, arch bridges and battle tracks! Design, build and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. Instructor: Play-Well
Forest Park, Preschool Room
94078 M-F Aug 14-18 1-4pm, $172