Nature & Science

2018 Day Camps: 


Sandblasters on Jetty Island

Discover the plants and animals of Jetty Island as you join Jetty naturalists for a five-day, hands-on learning experience. There’ll be plenty of time for playing in the sand and surf, too! Bring a sack lunch and take home craft projects and a Jetty Island t-shirt.
Jetty Landing & Boat Launch, Jetty Island Kiosk
Ages 6-8
97010 M-F Jul 9-13 9:45am-5pm, $179
97011 M-F Jul 30-Aug 3 9:45am-5pm, $179
97012 M-F Aug 20-24 9:45am-5pm, $179
Ages 7-9
97013 M-F Jul 23-27 9:45am-5pm, $179
97014 M-F Aug 13-17 9:45am-5pm, $179
Ages 8-10
97015 M-F Jul 16-20 9:45am-5pm, $179
97016 M-F Aug 6-10 9:45am-5pm, $179
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Summer Science Day Camp on the Jetty, 11-13 yrs

Explore nature on Jetty Island in this active, 100% field-based science camp. Make new friends, bask in sunshine and cool island breezes, and experience the joy of discovering the natural world. During Ecosystems Week, pick partners for a guided safari through island ecosystems. Investigate sand, grass, surf, marshland and trees. See a food web in action and search for signs of heredity and adaptation. Water Science Engineering week features the Jetty Salt marsh and estuary and a freshwater creek. Catch and identify creatures and learn how to measure water quality. Instructor: Carolyn Henri
10th St Boat Launch, Jetty Island Kiosk 
97074 M-F Jul 16-20 10:15am-5pm, $199 
Water Science Engineering
97075 M-F Jul 23-27 10:15am-5pm, $199
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Play-Well Intro to Stem, 5-7 yrs

Tap into your imagination with LEGO®! Build engineer-designed projects such as boats, snowmobiles, catapults and merry-go-rounds, or use special pieces to make your own design! Explore the endless possibilities of LEGO® building systems with guidance from experienced instructors. Instructor: Play-Well
Forest Park, Preschool Room
97059 M-F Aug 20-24 9am-Noon, $172
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Play-Well Stem Challenge, 7-12 yrs

Power up your engineering skills with LEGO®! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture through projects designed by engineers: catapults, pneumatic structures, cranes, arch bridges and battle tracks! Design, build and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. Instructor: Play-Well
Forest Park, Preschool Room
97060 M-F Aug 20-24 1-4pm, $172
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