Pedestrian Safety

Being a pedestrian can be risky business. According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic related collision on average every seven minutes. Below are a few simple guidelines that may help promote an increased level of awareness for pedestrians.


  • Remember the law! Pedestrians should cross at marked crosswalks and obey ALL traffic control devices. Unless specifically directed by a traffic control device, pedestrians should not cross diagonally in an intersection (RCW 46.61.240). Violators are subject to a $56 fine.
  • Wear Bright Clothing. Remember that drivers may have difficulty seeing you - Especially in the dark.
  • Watch for Obstructions. Be particularly cautious when stepping out from behind parked cars, poles and buildings that may hide you from a driver's sight.
  • Stop and Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street. Never run into the street.
  • Walk Facing Traffic


  • Remember to Yield! Pedestrians have the legal right of way in all intersections, whether marked or not (RCW 46.61.261).
  • Remain Alert. With all of the distractions inside your car, remember to pay close attention to the pedestrians around you.
  • Right Turns. Look for oncoming traffic and for pedestrians before making a right turn.
  • LOOK! Use caution when approaching unmarked intersections. 
  • Obey school zone traffic laws!


  • Make safety a habit
  • Pedestrians - Use sidewalks and walk facing traffic
  • Use caution and be alert!