The Patrol Division is made up of the finest men and women committed to the departments values of integrity, professionalism and honor. Police officers within the Patrol Division work in partnership with the community to improve quality of life and reduce crime. They consistently deliver quality customer service for citizens, neighborhoods and businesses while being the most visible police presence in the community.

In an average year, these officers respond to over 141,000 calls for service by foot, vehicle, boat and bicycle to write about 25,000 reports while providing protection 24-hours a day 7 days a week. Patrol officers conduct investigations of crimes, allegations of criminal conduct and are highly trained and adept at responding to all types of calls for service. They respond to emergencies, alarms, reports of crimes, provide traffic enforcement, render basic medical aid, attend community meetings, offer crime prevention education, give tours of the police department, interact in the classroom with local students and schools, and assist with walk-in calls at our two precinct substations.

In addition to responding to dispatched calls for service, officers self-initiate their own police activities and contacts with citizens. Our officers are committed to a proactive philosophy which includes recognizing, facilitating and solving problems through direct intervention or by providing informational resources. They regularly use data provided by our analysts to target areas where intelligence sources show crime is occurring.

Officers are assigned to specific regions of the city with each acting as the primary emergency contact in their area. Assignments remain relatively constant so officers stay current on problem areas, school related activities, traffic complaints and street/geography modifications or changes.

Dayshift and nightshift sergeants supervise daily operational and often assist patrol officers during their investigations.

Several specialized support units assist with particular needs within the Patrol Division: Patrol officers, K-9 Unit, School Resource Officers and Traffic Cars.

The Patrol Division is also supported by the Online Reporting System which is available to victims and witnesses of specific crimes. Online reporting is available to the public 24-hours a day.

Call 911 immediately if you have an emergency, are a victim, or witness a crime.
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