Off Leash Areas

Howarth Park

(north beach area only; turn right at foot of trestle and go past creek) 1127 Olympic Boulevard

Loganberry Lane Park

(wooded path end of 18th) 18th Avenue W

Lowell Park

(fenced area north of tennis courts) 46th Street and S 3rd Avenue

Lowell Riverfront Trail

(designated fenced area) 1400 Lowell River Road

Let Fluffy off the leash to play with canine friends, sniff an unhindered path or splash in the surf. Just be sure to keep your pet’s waste picked up and behavior in check.

Use City of Everett off-leash areas at your own risk. Users agree that the City of Everett is not liable for any harm caused by users or their animals. Dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs, as defined by Everett Municipal Code 6.08.010, are prohibited from all Everett Parks & Recreation off-leash areas. Responsible dog owners like you make sure their dogs have up-to-date vaccinations. Contact a veterinarian for questions about vaccinations for your dog.

Leash & Scoop

Your dog is welcome in our parks, but please be a responsible pet owner.

  • Dogs bite more than 4.7 million people each year - don’t let it happen to you or your pet.
  • Even good dogs can be unpredictable in an open setting.
  • Your loose dog may encourage others to let less well-behaved animals loose.
  • Save yourself liability claims from injuries, damage or medical bills caused by your dog.
  • Leashing also protects your dog from cars, curious kids and other dogs.
  • Unleashed dogs are harder to clean up after.
  • Dog waste is a health hazard, spreading diseases and parasites to other animals and humans.
  • Precious park land is shared by a variety of users.
  • Failure to follow these regulations may result in fines of $250 and potential closure of off-leash sites.

Guidelines For Use

For everyone’s enjoyment of this area, please observe the following:

  • Pets must be leashed outside the designated area (leash no longer than 10 feet), including to and from your car.
  • Owners are responsible for locating and removing all pet waste.
  • You must maintain control of your pet at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for any injuries or damage caused by their dog.
  • Failure to follow these regulations may result in fines of $250 and potential closure of off-leash sites. For more information on or volunteer opportunities with the Parks Department’s off-leash program, call 425-257-8300 ext. 2.