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  • My son did the Jetty Island Sandblasters day camp last year and I wanted to let you guys know what a great job the instructor Carolyn did. Ziggy had a fantastic time and learned so much about plants and animals on the island. We were at the beach last night and he taught his grandparents about how starfish molt and how to tell male and female crabs apart. Then we saw a seal and he made sure we all knew to stay at least 100 yards away. We also appreciate how affordable the camp was. Keep up the incredible work. We’ll be telling everyone we know about Sandblasters! —Elizabeth Adams
  • I want to thank the city of Everett Parks and Recreation Department and, in particular, Jane Lewis, for organizing and directing the Forest Park Hill Climb run/walk events this past summer. This ongoing series of run or walk (your choice) 30-minute races up and down the hills of Forest Park was held monthly on a Wednesday at noon between May and September. Even for an old engineer like myself, the hill climbs were a great excuse to get out of the office for an hour, get some exercise, and explore some of the many trails in Forest Park. Proceeds went to help sponsor local youth events in Everett. I salute the city of Everett for organizing this imaginative event and I look forward to participating again in 2015. —Doug Beyerlein, Mill Creek, Published in the Herald on September 20, 2014
  • Thank you for providing such a great facility, Floral Hall, for our "Over The Moon" auction event. We had a great time, raised a lot of money, and everyone loved the location! —Ellen Felsenthal, director New Moon Farm
  • We thank you for providing this valuable facility and service to the greater Everett community. We have had and continue to have extremely satisfying experiences at the Forest Park Swim Center. —Greg and Kathy Lawson and family
  • I have finally found “MY” exercise with the Kettlebell class and LOVE IT! After just over four months, I can tell my back, arms, legs and wrists are all stronger. I love kettlebells because it’s one heck of a high intensity, full body workout in only 30 minutes! You go at your own pace, and build strength with heavier kettlebells over time. The moves and music are different every class so I’m never bored. And Tracey is a positive, supportive and motivating teacher. Thank you Tracey and Everett Parks & Recreation for this cutting edge exercise class! —Donna Gleisner
  • I have seven grandkids, four live in Everett and three in Marysville. We spend a lot of time in Forest Park playing, but by far our favorite time is swimming at the pool. Over the years they all greatly improved their swimming skills while gently encouraging each other. I can’t think of a healthier way to stay active year round. I am also involved in the Silver Splash classes. We are fortunate to have such a great parks and recreation department in the city of Everett. —Kathy Christensen