Get Involved

Silvertips Law Enforcement Memorial Night
Historic Community Engagement
Casino Rd Soccer Academy
  1. 4th of July Open House

    Visit the North Precinct on the 4th of July to tour the station, interact with officers and see equipment we use to solve crime.

  2. Block Watch

    Small Block Watch groups are the foundation of neighborhood crime prevention and the stepping stones to community revitalization. Looking out for each other by brining residents and law enforcement together improves safety and prevents crime in neighborhoods.

  3. Citizen Volunteers

    Civilian volunteers are unique and make an essential contribution to the department. Our community continually benefits from their wide range of skills, experience and perspectives as they serve. Volunteers believe and maintain our core values as they represent the department.

  4. Crime-Free Rental Housing

    Engaging residents is key in creating safe communities and keeping crime out. The Crime-Free Rental Housing program is designed to help landlords enact standards to be successful.


    Owners and managers of rental properties are welcome to attend Everett Area Apartment Manager’s Association Council (EAAMAC) meetings to learn more about the changing industry, best business practices and exchange information.

  6. National Night Out

    National Night Out is a community partnership with law enforcement to raise awareness about crime in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to let criminals know we won't tolerate them in Everett. Get together with friends and meet neighbors you don’t know - because neighbors are most likely to call 911 when crime is happening. Participate with us on August 4th, 2015.